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Kasich Applauds Tax Hikes in Cleveland

It’s actually getting old, but YES – Kasich is now applauding TAX HIKES again!

As reported by Reggie Fields at the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, some gems from Kasich’s spokesperson on his support for the 15-mill tax increase for Cleveland Schools:


“If the governor lived in Cleveland he would vote for it and the governor will give the mayor whatever help he needs.”

“The problem conservatives have with increased spending is they think it’s just being wasted.”

“The Cleveland plan entails great reform, thereby ensuring that taxpayer money isn’t going into a system that is helplessly broken.”

Apparently Cleveland schools aren’t “broken” and they spend money very wisely. News to me.

In a quick response to team Kasich’s statement that “The problem conservatives have with increased spending is they think it’s just being wasted,”  – Opportunity Ohio’s Matt Mayer sent to this message to his distribution list, and he absolutely nails the problem:

“…the problem conservatives have with increased spending is it presumes the current spending levels are defensible/appropriate/lean. School districts and other government entities are going broke because they spend too much money, most on gold-plated compensation packages for government employees.

Giving them even more money only makes sure the baseline spending goes up. Once the “reforms” are enacted in Cleveland, will spending and taxes come down? Of course not. This tax hike, supported by Governor Kasich, will cost Cleveland homeowners roughly $500 per $100,000 home value. This mentality by a Republican Governor is exactly why Ohio is in the shape it is in and why I wrote the book, Taxpayers Don’t Stand a Chance.

The problem with politicians is that they think their version of increased spending is okay.”

Well said, Matt.

As DC remains a mess, and as the election year of 2012 takes center stage – please pay attention to Ohio. We don’t want to wake up in November and find our state in ruins.

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