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Keep America Free Weekend

From newsletter I just sent to the Ohio 2.0 mail list on October 14th:

So what the heck does that mean? What is the “Keep America Free” weekend on October 13th?

It means that defenders of freedom – liberty groups, tea party groups and liberty loving individuals of all kinds – are coming together on October 13th to touch as many voters as possible by door to door and phone calls with a unique narrative, not used by any party, campaign or candidate – Keep America Free!

We will reach out to voters and remind them that freedom is our great unifier and it transcends all political parties. We’ll tell the story how Barack Obama has waged war on personal and economic freedom since he came to office, and for this reason above all others – Obama should be fired. It is freedom that defines the American story, and it is freedom that will take our Republic into the future. Let’s remind voters what Obama is doing to their freedom by calling them and going to their homes. Event sign-up here.

You, and you alone, must tell this story. No one will do it for you. Not any candidate, and not any political party has the credibility to share this message. No one but you.

All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.
Will you give up just a few hours of your life for the cause of freedom? Will you share the message of freedom with just 50 people on October 13th?
Sign up to participate in the Keep America Free Weekend event
Date: Saturday, October 13th at 9am
Location: SW Ohio Liberty Headquarters –  5430 West Chester Road, West Chester, OH, 45069
More information on the Keep America Free Weekend
Through phone calls and door to door efforts –
– We’ll remind Ohioans that through the federal government takeover of healthcare – Obama has removed our freedom of choice in healthcare decisions.– We’ll remind them that through a war on natural resources – Obama is stifling our personal prosperity, taking money from our families with rising electric and gas prices and therefore, taking away our economic freedom.

– We’ll remind them that by raising spending to unprecedented levels – Obama has riddled our children and grandchildren with debt, and is taking away something as precious as anything else – our future. For who has the freedom to succeed when they are enslaved by government debt from birth?

Will you share this story with just 50 Ohio voters on October 13th?

American Majority Action, Heritage Action, Cincinnati Tea Party and multiple other local liberty groups are partnering for this effort. No political party, campaign or candidate has anything to do with this weekend.

We are free people, standing for ourselves, defending ourselves – and if you will stand with us, we can Keep America Free!

Sign up to participate in the Keep America Free Weekend event
Date: Saturday, October 13th at 9am
Location: SW Ohio Liberty Headquarters –  5430 West Chester Road, West Chester, OH, 45069
Sign-Up Here

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