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Profitable Companies Bad for America – What?

Yeah, I know – the title is insane. But this is how close the Republic is to disaster. A significant number of Americans believe that profit (AKA the fruits of your own labor, investment and hard work) is bad.

Peter Schiff, huge free market advocate and entrepreneur turned talking head, went undercover to the Democrat National Convention and facetiously asked attendees from a variety of backgrounds – would you support a law to ban corporate profits?

Overwhelmingly respondents said, yes! When asked by Schiff, “Do we need corporate profits?” – one lady even said, “Maybe we should just have corporate losses.”

Don’t believe me? Take just a minute to watch the video below with Peter Schiff interviewing DNC attendees on this issue:

The entire concept is mind blowing, and what a slippery slope it is.

Please share this post with friends and especially small business owners who don’t quite understand – collectivists, which exist in both major parties and are embodied in that video by the Democrats, believe in a vision of the world that demonizes the idea that people should have economic freedom to provide for themselves and their families and personal freedom to choose the life that they want to live.

Remind them that these collectivists believe that central planners in the form of government officials can more appropriately and efficiently divide up their money and resources, distributing them to the public as they see fit.

Remind them that these collectivists believe that government officials, who know nothing about their life, claim to know better than they-themselves how to use the fruits of their labor, and demand a higher claim to those fruits than the person who earned them.

Remind them that this view of the world is an actual war on freedom. When you can’t keep the fruits of your own labor, we have successfully conceded that government – or a larger group or collective – has a higher right to your life than you do. And, if you concede these individual rights – there is nothing stopping the absolutely unrestrained collective from using the “good of the many” as an excuse to take the life, liberty and property of the few as they see fit.

The moment is here. The battle of our time is before us. The great evil is called collectivism, and we must resist it with every waking breath.

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