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Rumor Busting: Chris Littleton not interested in chairmanship of the Ohio GOP

I have received an amazing flurry of texts, e-mails and calls since last night when the Cincinnati Enquirer published this article saying I was on a short list of potential new chairman for the Ohio Republican Party.

I’ll make this extremely clear – I am not interested in that position in the least bit. They are not interested in having me in that position in the least bit. I have not talked to them, and they have not talked to me. That is a completely bogus rumor – most likely a silly little joke from Columbus insiders. Ha. Ha. Very funny.

Currently, I’m focused on a cause that will enhance personal and economic freedom for all Ohioans – the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment.

For those of us focused on this issue, our goal is simply greater freedom. Because personal freedom + economic freedom = prosperity, and Ohio could do with more of both.

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