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Two Moms vs. Common Core – a Mother’s Day tribute

In follow-up to Thea Shoemake and Heidi Huber’s Ohio-wide leadership on the issue of Common Core, I thought people may appreciate a belated Mother’s Day tribute for Ohio mothers to which we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude. I was inspired by a National Review article on two Indiana moms who lead their fight against Common Core to a successful conclusion.

You may not know Thea, Heidi and these Indiana mothers, but I can guarantee you would stand with them every day of the week.

Why? Because they ask nothing in return but to educate their children in the way they see fit. They want nothing from anyone in the process, give more than they ever should to their cause and if successful will be rewarded with nothing more than the protection of the rights they already possess.

At times, words like these sound melodramatic and hyperbole seems the order of the day. But, when so much of Ohio’s political leadership refuses to stand for what’s right – what choices do they have?

Ohio’s mothers are forced to protect their children, and goodness knows we need them to do so. It will be Ohio’s mothers and citizens who salvage the future for our children, because…

It was they who pushed the death and estate tax repeal, so we could keep our own wealth and property.

It was they who permanently prevented another Romneycare from ever forming in Ohio, Obama’s state exchanges from coming to fruition, employer mandates from happening and now stand against Kasich’s catastrophic embrace of Obamacare expansion through Medicaid.

It was they and a handful of good legislators who continue to oppose Kasich’s calls for higher taxes and more spending.

It is they who will advance Workplace Freedom in Ohio, and free workers from the bonds of forced union dues and unleash Ohio’s economic potential once again.

While Ohio’s future hangs by a thread, and the political future of the nation is at stake – it will not be elected officials who lead us to prosperity. It will be Ohio’s mothers and citizens who carry the day.

Thank you for all you have done, and will continue to do. Don’t give up the fight. Your sacrifice inspires me and many others to continue battling collectivism at every turn. Your commitment inspires us to never rest and never give in.

“Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito” – from Virgil translated as – “Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

National Review Article – Two Moms vs. Common Core: How an eight-year-old’s homework assignment led to a political upheaval

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