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Liberty is Rising

Liberty is Rising

I was not in attendance at the Young Americans for Liberty Convention this year, but these thoughts by Corie Whalen sum up my thoughts on the liberty movement perfectly. Picture is compliments of Rand Paul 2016. In Picture: Sen. Rand Paul, Representatives Thomas Massie and Justin Amash – some of the good guys in DC.

“When I consider how far the liberty movement has come since ’07 when I got actively involved, I’m truly humbled and astounded.

The Young Americans For Liberty National Convention this year is comprised of brilliant, professional, articulate young people who understand the delicate intersection of politics and philosophy – and know how to take advantage of various political realities to advance our ideas in a substantive way.

It’s incredible to meet students who very recently ranged from being hardcore neoconservatives to dyed-in-the-wool Democrats come together to promote liberty.

As I say often, once somebody acquires true critical thinking skills, logic leads them to freedom. Now more than ever, we’re seeing this translate into policy – and it’s a transformational moment to be proud of.

We haven’t won the war quite yet – but liberty activists are consistently victorious in populist battles. Believe it or not, we’re extremely influential.

Every brilliant, hilarious elected official that has graced YAL’s stage within the past two days was elected in 2010, or afterwards. This speaks to our growing impact.

Currently, our nation is at an impasse. But the choice is clear. You either stand for a constitutionally limited government, or you’re complicit in empowering the bipartisan assault on our liberties that has irreparably tarnished our county’s reputation.

Stand on the right side of history. Be a part of the liberty movement. We are the future.”

Well said Corie. Well said.