Obama won – what now?


The Republic did NOT die. We DO have a future, and I believe it is brighter than ever. The philosophy of liberty is alive and well. It’s just so hard to see because we all make the mistake of fixating on big national races rather than what really matters – local issues and offices that will fix the Republic from the bottom up.

We are all human, and we let those emotions run wild far too often. But, make no mistake – whether with Obama or Romney – the path would have remained the same.  State and local transformation is the only way. Federalism is the only path.

It is vital that we all remember what I wrote about months ago – Obama was NEVER the enemy.

Obama was just the most recent embodiment of the problem. He is a symptom of what ails the Republic, and removing him from office would be nice, but it would NOT actually fix the problem.

With this in mind, let’s discuss 4 very positive dynamics for the future.

1. DC is in gridlock. R’s have the US House and D’s have the US Senate. No substantive legislation can move forward. Obama’s agenda remains at a stand-still. Gridlock shall be the friend of liberty. That’s a great thing!

-Of note: Romney or some other super liberty minded candidate couldn’t have moved things either. The math in Congress would have facilitated gridlock no matter what.

2. Just 4 more years of Obama means a much more qualified, much more liberty minded person can come up in 2016 with an extremely high probability they will win. See American election history for proof.

-These years of DC gridlock and knowledge of real hope and change possible in 2016 should give you lots of time to build your personal electoral impact machine. It is possible. More on that in the future.

3. Unions in Michigan lost BIG (by 16%) on an issue meant to outlaw Right to Work (Workplace Freedom) in their state. Voters rejected the unions, despite an Obama win in that state.

-We have ISSUES BASED coalitions we can build RIGHT NOW!

-I have been beating the drum for the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment as the most important single policy item to change the dynamics in Ohio morally, economically and politically. Nothing is more important, and it enjoys incredible support in Ohio right now!

-This issue transcends political parties and candidates. It stands on its own, and it’s the #1 way to fix Ohio and then the Republic from the ground up.

4. We have time to focus on local elected offices RIGHT NOW!

-Do not let your electoral impact circles go – you can be the means to win back school boards, city councils, township trustees , etc. This is the way to prepare for real change in the future.

-All the real change we need starts in local areas. We can use trickle up freedom as a means to fix our communities, Ohio and then the Republic.

Reality check: DC is never going to save us. They never could save us. And – honestly – they never should save us. We must do this ourselves. The President is not a king or some kind of benevolent dictator in which we should place our faith and trust. The Republic was never even designed to function in this manner.

We should shun the centralization of power, and the very idea that DC or any one man can solve our problems. Our problems are local. They are our own. We must own them, and fix them at home.

The fundamentals of what we must do to save the Republic were not going to change regardless of this election. We still have a path and it does not revolve around candidates or political parties. That paradigm must end. The path to substantive change requires these 3 steps I will discuss in great detail at a later time:

Step 1: Make Local Electoral Impact a Reality – win local, expand once successful

Step 2: Boost Impact with Policy Based Success – issues based coalition building

Step 3: Restore Federalism – with the combination of electoral impact and policy success from previous steps – start cutting the strings from DC that control our state

Duplicate in key states across the United States. Restore the Republic from the bottom up.

This path remains unchanged, and it can be done.

More details will follow on path and policies to focus on past Workplace Freedom which I have, and still believe, is the top priority for Ohio to get things moving the right direction.

Do not give in to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it. Collectivism is that evil. Stand boldly for individualism. Stand boldly for freedom.

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  1. Chris, you don’t address the issues of Obamacare and the impact we’re already seeing in the form of layoffs and Catholic school closings. Gridlock is a bad thing in regards to the fiscal cliff. There are judicial appointments coming up in the next 4 years. What about EPA regulations and the possible return of Cap and Trade? Amnesty? Ever increasing debt? Fast n’ Furious, Benghazi, etc.

    There is plenty to be upset about. Romney may not have been the answer to the problems, but he would have stopped the bleeding to some extent.

    • @amy –

      1. Romney was not going to repeal Obamacare, and I can say that with certainty because…the votes were never there in the Senate to repeal Obamacare (60 needed to get a repeal vote to the floor). So, even if he wanted to (which I actually question based on his interviews and public statements, wrote about that here: https://chrislittleton.com/2012/09/10/romney-says-he-will-not-repeal-all-of-obamacare/) – even if he wanted to, he couldnt have.

      2. Fiscal cliff/Debt – LOL! What has a GOP controlled house done to alter spending? They control the power of the purse 100%. They fund and defund anything they want with appropriations bills. They have no desire to cut spending. As for the belief that Romney would have done anything more, NOT A CHANCE.

      Paul Ryan’s last proposed budget in the house never cut spending. That’s right. It never cut spending. It never balanced the budget, and never reduced national debt. The only thing Ryan’s budget did was reduced the rate of increase in spending. He wanted to take the rate of spending from (I believe…thinking off the top of my head) 5% rate of growth in spending to a 3% rate of growth in spending. So debt would have still increased under his budget.

      The Romney Ryan plan did not do crap. Remember Romney saying in the debates – we arent going to touch your medicare. We arent going to touch you social security. We arent going to cut education spending. But – we are going to INCREASE military spending.

      What about any of this makes you think they were going to avoid a fiscal cliff?

      3. Benghazi – this whole narrative is very disturbing to me. First – no one on our side is even asking WHY this attack happened. It happened because the US is intervening in countries all the time, and people get pissed off when you do that to them.

      What do you think is going to happen when we do never ending drone strikes and kill all kinds of people? Think its going to bother anyone in that country?

      What do you think is going to happen when we arming or funding both sides of most conflicts?

      Just like fast and furious, Benghazi and a policy of foreign intervention has been standard operating procedure for the US for decades. There is nothing new about what happened in Benghazi or with fast and furious.US foreign policy is defined by interventionism, and somehow we continue to be shocked when people respond negatively to being treated this way.

      The CIA calls it “blowback.” If we stop getting involved in other countries affairs, we end the blowback – which means, for every action, there is a reaction. Our interventions do not occur in a vacuum. Stop the cycle of intervention and retaliation, and actually deal with the problem.

      Romney had already pledge to more interventionist in our foreign policy, so it is 100% clear he wouldnt have changed a thing. In fact – it would have been worse.

      4. Cap and Trade is dead and a GOP house isnt going to let it come up. End of story.

      5. Amnesty – while its a conversation for another time (appropriate immigration policy) – same thing as above, doesnt pass without a GOP house.

      Bottom line – because of gridlock in DC, Romney couldnt have done anything substantive, even if he wanted to. And, in the areas where the President has more influence and discretion like foreign policy, I actually think he would have been worse.

      PS – on EPA, I do concede Romney would have been a little better. Though he did scare be with his whole global warming mantra and corporate crony crap, so it seems he would have advanced some new retarded tyranny under a different brand. But in theory, yes – he probably would have been a little better with the EPA.

      • LOL! Read the article more carefully, and read my blog.

        If you mean classic liberal (like the founders), then yes.

        If you mean the modern “progressive” version of the word “liberal” – then, no.


        Pretty funny. I’ve never been called a “lib” before. Just hilarious.

  2. Sorry put Oboma is the enemy. He has given every to people who dont to work. He has bought all the votes he recived. This is not away to keep America free but a broke country with divied classes and divied funcuntly. Now the news meda will have john banner toblame if the countrygo down the drain. The major news meda feels this man can do no wrong. They never attact him like the do any consretive. what a shame there is no fair press.
    This a sad time for this country. The press has lot this man get away with muder tow times with little or no hadr questions.

  3. HI:

    Your right. I started my own “project” to educate people on energy and the benefits of home grown energy. Now more than ever, the process continues, education is even more important, and we prepare for the next battle to win the war one hill at a time. From the bottom up.

    We really do Power us.

    www. wepowerus.com


  4. I needed to read this. Everyone has been so down and I felt like our country was coming to an end, it was as if we gave up. We have faced adversity before in this country, I hope that everyone continues to believe and just get through these next 4 years as best we can.

  5. You left out one important thing-Judicial appointments. How can we be unconcerned, if as predicted, there will be 2-3 appts. avail in Supreme Court in next 4 yrs, & no doubt others nationwide? The Courts constantly chip away @ The US Constitution, or @ State decisions. Maybe someone could educate me on how we get past that. Any real solutions apprec.

    • Do you mean appointments like Roberts – the Republican appointed Justice who improperly ruled the healthcare mandate was ok?

      Truth is – Republicans have appointed a significant number of Supreme Court Justices have ruled the wrong way on a number of things.

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