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Threats to Internet Freedom

Threats to Internet Freedom

I hope you are paying attention to one of the latest DC crazes from the R’s and D’s – a more controlled and “safe” Internet (AKA a loss of personal and economic freedom for everyone).

Here are how Ron and Rand Paul described the threats to Internet freedom:

“Around the world, the real threat to Internet freedom comes not from bad people or inefficient markets — we can and will always route around them — but from governments’ foolish attempts to manage and control innovation.”


People feel foreign terrorists or countries are the greatest threat to freedom in the US, but they are wrong. It’s our government. The STATE is the enemy of liberty – it’s never ending expansion and self-perpetuation to which a majority of R’s and D’s seem content to allow.

Threats to Internet freedom are just additional embodiments of the overall problem – the loss of liberty. The protection of individual rights – individual freedom itself – must be cherished above all else. Liberty is logic, and it stares each one of us in the face. As Jordan Page’s song says, “Freedom’s the answer, so what is the question?” If you agree that’s the solution, are you finding ways to use freedom as a solution to problems in public policy? I hope so.

Don’t rely on candidate’s promises for policy fixes. Elected officials are a means to securing policy, but winning a candidate election is not the goal itself. Securing public policy consistent with the philosophy of liberty is the goal. If the elected official isn’t doing it – get rid of them, or secure the policy yourself through direct citizen’s initiative. Don’t settle for anything less regardless of the R or D behind their name.

But above all – make sure that every policy for which you advocate is not infringing upon anyone’s right to liberty or property. A little more consistency and little more freedom could go a long way in our society.

Article with Ron and Rand’s quote here – Ron, Rand Paul to back libertarian manifesto for ‘Internet freedom’