About Chris Littleton

Who is this dude?

First, and most importantly, I am husband to Kim and father to Jacob, Katie and Gavin, which basically means I’m a post 2000 dad trying to figure out this thing called parenting. This site highlights my attempts to navigate planet earth as a husband, father and political junkie who doesn’t like politics…yeah, I know.

Professionally, Chris Littleton is a Partner and Director of Operations at Voter Gravity, a database technology firm that specializes in non-profit and political work. His work or opinions have been featured in the Washington Times, Rolling Stone, The Hill, Fox News, USA TodayReason TV and a variety of other local and regional media outlets.

Why Do I Bother With Politics?

I feel the US is on the wrong course, and obsess about politics and public policy because of this simple formula: Personal Freedom + Economic Freedom = Prosperity.

If you understand this idea, you know at the end of the day, “The goal is liberty. The results of liberty are all the things we love, none of which can be finally provided by government.” – Dr. Ron Paul

I fear that almost no elected officials, from either party, understand that personal and economic freedom are ends to themselves. If we want America to prosper for another 200 years, we must view each law, and hopefully the repeal of a great many laws, through a very distinct and important prism: achieving greater personal and economic freedom.

I believe that most Americans just want economic freedom to provide for themselves and their families and personal freedom to choose the life that they want to live. Is that too much to ask from government–to merely protect rights and property?

But on this idea, I don’t believe that politicians from either party will ever attempt to fix the problem. I believe that most politicians have allowed their self-interests to perpetuate an infrastructure which feeds the size, strength and influence of the state. I believe they have no incentive to change, and merely support positions which perpetuate their own existence. This paradigm must end.

I believe that an ideological shift will never come from DC. I remain engaged because whether through ballot initiatives, citizen lobbying or candidate support – the entire paradigm of politics must shift in favor of individual freedom and away from state intervention in all aspects of our lives. With both parties embracing state power to fix what ails us, we must understand that change only comes after a long, hard look in the mirror. DC will not, nor cannot save us. We must take ownership of our lives again.

I have dedicated much of my life to the development of new tools, resources and expertise to achieve the goal of upholding liberty as an end, not simply a cliché.