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GOP Rules Mess Gets Worse

GOP Rules Mess Gets Worse
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This Republican rules debacle just gets worse and worse. A few points from the shocking video below.

1. RNC teleprompter had results of rules vote before the vote took place. Yes, that’s correct and I’ll say it again – the RNC teleprompter Boehner used to read the results of the vote to the rules change had the results before the vote even took place. Rigged.

2. Key opponents of the rules changes, who were members of the rules committee, were conveniently kept from attending the meetings. Reports from members of delegation have them circling the convention multiple times on a bus, not being allowed to enter the meetings. Rigged.

3. If the rule changes the RNC just made would have been in place in the 1970’s – Ronald Regan would have never made his way in the GOP, and would never have become President. It was the very fact that grassroots people from the states could challenge the RNC establishment that an outsider like Reagan could rise in the ranks. Rigged.

This process is an embarrassment. It has crushed grass roots support across the country, and will do irreparable damage to the Republican Party.

The truly malicious part – Romney had the nomination tied up, so this wasn’t about that. It was about permanently silencing the grass roots, tea party groups and the liberty minded people who voted Republican more often than not.

The Republican Party always talks about a big tent, but apparently that tent is only big enough to hold those who agree with establishment leadership and will bend to their corrupt will.

If you wanted to devise a formula for alienating the youth, the most principally committed people and anyone who has a bigger vision for the Republican Party – this would be it.

But, maybe that was the point.

As Executive Director of Foundation for a Free Society, Jason Rink said “You wouldn’t blame a battered wife for refusing to go back to her abusive husband. The GOP betrayed me, I did not betray them. It’s their fault they lost my support, not mine.”

As I stated in my last article on this mess, the GOP can do these things – because you’ll take it. Stop this cycle!