Home Politics Ryan Budget vs. Obama Budget – difference?

Ryan Budget vs. Obama Budget – difference?

Ryan Budget vs. Obama Budget – difference?

Couple things to keep in mind as you see the budget comparison below. Romney’s budget proposals aren’t even as aggressive as Ryan’s rather weak budget presented in the House, and Obama’s presented budget had no support from the D’s or R’s. So, the reality is – a real budget coming from either future administration will be much worse than this graph based on their actual proposals. Still – take a look.

If considering the actual difference between Ryan and Obama proposed budgets – here it is:

By 2021 – Obama’s yearly deficit spending is just $300 billion more than Ryan’s, and the national debt in 2021 for both budgets remains over $16 Trillion, just Obama’s is $2.6 Trillion more than Ryan’s.

So, with Ryan’s budget – we tread water. With Obama’s budget, we continue sinking.

Either of these sound like a way forward for the Republic?

Either of these going to get your kids out of the long term disaster now before them?

Either of these create a prosperous future for you, your family or your friends?

I think not.

Point of the article: do not put your faith in DC. It will not, cannot and should not save us. We must do this on our own – from the states. Sovereign states hold the key to defeating federal tyranny. Free your state first, and then begin deconstructing the Federal government from the bottom up.

Do not put your faith in politicians or political parties. Rely on yourself. Build policy based coalitions with people around you. Accomplish local goals, and then increase the size and scope of your impact with each passing day. America will not be changed from the top down. It will be from the bottom up.

Ryan and Romney may be better than Obama, but they are not the answer. Do not put your hope in the wrong place. Do not place your hopes and dreams on this election. No matter who wins – change will only come from the ground up. It’s not over in November of 2012. The R3VOLUTION must continue!

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