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Video: Obama Supporters Oppose His Policies

Video: Obama Supporters Oppose His Policies

You’ve got to see this incredible video below that supports my beaten to death argument on this blog – that party and candidate loyalties rarely reflect the individual belief systems of the average voter. Obama supporters in this video hate Obama’s policies and actions when told they come from Romney. They are then shocked and bewildered when they find out they are actually policies from Obama.

Even more shocking is the fact that most defy their own intuition and logic, and remain loyal to Obama despite what they just heard.

Far too many people vote for a party or candidate out of tradition, popular acceptance, emotional attachment or a variety of other things almost never pertaining to their actual policy beliefs or actions.

In this video, it becomes quite clear that traditional descriptions like Right vs. Left, Republican vs. Democrat and Conservative vs. Liberal just add to the confusion as they represent subjective views of the world, in addition to carrying a personalized and often inaccurate meaning.

These terms have come to mean very little, so I regularly challenge people to think about politics and public policy in completely different terms. We need to have more political discourse from the perspective of small government (strong individual) vs. big government (weak individual) or more specifically as individualism vs. collectivism.

This clarity transcends politicians and parties, and deals with the real debate of our time. Enjoy the video and learn more about this Rosetta Stone for Political Discourse here.

Lastly, it’s important to note – in the real world, and quite unfortunately for all of us, both Obama and Romney support the policies discussed in this video. Makes me very sad. Regardless of who wins in November – we have a lot of work to do!!


  1. before you tell someone who the true proponent of a policy is, insist that they tell you that they are intelectually honest. They will probably still be hypocrits, but this will at least reveal to others and perhaps to them how inconsistant and bogus they are.

  2. Out of the lot, only two are reasonable. The rest are hypocrites. They were so vehemently opposed to what they thought Romney was proposing. Then when they discovered it was their guy, it was okay. Most cited the healthcare act as their reason for supporting this buffoon. Sad that my rights are being destroyed, on so many levels, just so they can have their healthcare. I don’t know whether to be sad, sick, or angry.

  3. If states removed he “D” and “R” behind ALL candidates on the ballots, be in senator, representatives, state or local elections …. election results would likely be totally different.

    People unfortunately do NOT educate themselves before elections on the issues and platforms. Very very sad.