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Why is Ron Paul Still Going?

Why is Ron Paul Still Going?
Dr. Paul stands before crowd of thousands of students at Michigan State University on Feb 27, 2012.

Why, and how for that matter, is Ron Paul still going strong?

How the heck has a 77 year old man captured the imagination of today’s youth?

Answer: for the man that inspired the new tea party movement in 2007, this was never about being President. It was always about advancing the cause of freedom. And this R3VOLUTION is just getting started, so on he goes!

From the Ron Paul campaign newsletter regarding the “We are the Future” celebration at the 10,000+ seat Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida on August 26th:

“The Sun Dome rally has sold out!  But don’t worry.  We have overflow room in the USF outdoor baseball stadium next door.”

Yes, there are legal battles to be fought and shenanigans at the convention to take place, but for all intents and purposes – Ron Paul has no chance at the Republican nomination for President. So, why am I – like thousands of others – making the journey to see Dr. Paul in Tampa this weekend?

If you’ve watched him at all, you know the answer to this question.

His impact on the cause of freedom is unparalleled in this generation, and providing a proper farewell for the man who provided a “red pill” to so many of us is the least we can do.

By no means am I close with Dr. Paul, but I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at a couple events where he spoke, and I’ve had a chance to sit and chat with him in his DC office a few times as well. The first thing that strikes you with Dr. Paul is his humility, a trait that is almost non-existent in politicians.

This humility exuded each time I was around him as he asked the most genuine questions of people who he had never met. The last time I was with him in DC, I brought an absolutely amazing young lady with me who invested more time and energy into his primary election than almost anyone you will ever meet.

When I explained what she had done for his election this year, he didn’t blow her off with a simple thank you and a hand shake. Instead, his eyes lit up and he simply asked her, “Why did you do that?”

And he didn’t mean – why did you do this for me? He meant, what inspired you to help the cause of freedom? As she began to clearly articulate the importance of freedom in life – he sat entranced as if no one had ever told him that story before, like a school boy listening to some amazing adventure.

When she finished, he was grinning from ear to ear and the 70+ years were long gone, replaced with the same hopes and dreams of the thousands of young people he has inspired to carry forth the message of freedom into the next generation.

At that moment, I was reminded of the last time I saw him and a simple answer he gave me to a very simple question. Why does he press forward even when things look horrible? He replied by telling me that things weren’t horrible at all, and that he had great hope for the future because “liberty was alive and well in the next generation.”

And that really sums him up. All his fighting, his stick in the mud stubbornness, his academic-like TV appearances, his status as “Dr. No” on most votes in DC, his grumpy demeanor and his principled positions in his personal and professional life – it all simply adds up to mean, he has publicly defended liberty and individual rights for over 30 years and is now seeing the fruits of his labor in so many new people. He has become America’s premier messenger of freedom, and has inspired millions to pursue a life consistent with these principles.

That is why is he is still going, and why his Presidential run was never really about being President. What people who don’t understand Ron Paul will never understand about any of us who stood with him – is that we weren’t drawn to him as a man.

We were drawn to the message of freedom which he championed, and the unbending way he defended that philosophy. It was never about the man. It was always about the message.

If you have missed Ron Paul, you have literally missed the Thomas Jefferson of our time. A R3VOLUTION has swept college campuses across the country, and no army or government can stop an idea whose time has come. That idea is FREEDOM! I will be honored to say I stood with Dr. Ron Paul.

The last time I met with Dr. Paul a couple months ago, a few of us delivered a letter that thanked him for all he’d given to the cause of freedom. And, now I’d like to thank him again. He was vital in my finding the philosophy of liberty, which I now use as a guide to life. I, for one, am very happy and very thankful he is still going!

If interested in learning more about the good doctor, here is an old Cincinnati Enquirer editorial I was asked to write about him, Why Ron Paul in 2 Minutes?

Thank you Dr. Paul! With friends from Ohio


  1. […] When she finished, he was grinning from ear to ear and the 70+ years were long gone, replaced with the same hopes and dreams of the thousands of young people he has inspired to carry forth the message of freedom into the next generation. At that moment, I was reminded of the last time I saw him and a simple answer he gave me to a very simple question. Why does he press forward even when things look horrible? He replied by telling me that things weren’t horrible at all, and that he had great hope for the future because “liberty was alive and well in the next generation.” … Read the whole article at Why is Ron Paul Still Going? | ChrisLittleton.com […]

  2. With little campaigning in western kentucky yet over 1600 from 2 counties that STILL wish for the option to vote for him that I am aware of it would be a major disappointment to see Ron Paul give in just yet. Lincoln won without many states having any idea as to who he was and if on the ballots in EVERY STATE the voter percentages will speak for themselves. With many states taking precautions to stop voter fraud by requiring picture identification the LEGAL citizens will have a chance at having their true voice heard as to what we want, but unless on the ballots we won’t get to say who we really want representing us.
    Rand Paul is a decent senator but Kentucky politics aren’t exactly following the rules so frustrations are going to happen. When the governor is aware of a local mayor spending millions of taxpayers dollars for an organization he (the mayor) holds a chairman position to yet says nothing of its illegal nature (not voting on issues when holding special interest in what’s being voted on) then its obvious the good ole boys club is still going strong here and rocking their boat has been trouble for everyone else that seemed too free willed for Kentucky. He will do great things in his own time, this state is after all decades behind others and getting it up to date without overwhelming those still stuck in a backwards mindset is a slow but steady process

  3. Chris – well said.

    I hope a book will be written about the truth of Dr. Paul. He has awoken the revolution, and without it who knows where we would end up. I just hope the movement grows fast enough to get in front of the paid crap we have to deal with now.

    I still hold hope that these delegates may actually have the ability to make the better choice, but the sad reality is that I am sure most of them are ‘incentivized’ one way or another and money still talks (even though that money will not be worth the same value a few years down the road).

    Does anyone have information about a webcast or any way to check in on PaulFest?

  4. Let’s just get this thing overwith already! Support, Vote For and Elect Ron Paul as our next President. He is ready, willing and able to End The WarZ, End The Foreign Aid, End the debasement and counterfeiting of the currency via “their” Federal Reserve, and, most importantly, End the failed attempts at Empire Building. We want and need to restore our Liberty, Freedom, PEACE, Prosperity and Honest Money. No one else will do these absolutely necessary things. IMO U No Who

  5. Having just recently read the CNN post about the Pual people coming to some agreement with the RNC and Romney people, even going so far as to give Rand Paul a slot, and “getting valuable input” into the platform, I am disappointed.

    Who has ever read a single one of the party’s platforms, and, more important, when were they ever obeyed by the elected Pres?
    They’re virtually meaningless, a fig-leaf.
    Worse, they detract, seeming to give something, when that’s not even a phyrric victory.

    LESS DISCORD at the convention is NOT good, because anything embarrassing Romney, such as even a bit of a floor fight, etc, is what we need.
    I don’t want Romney elected, because until the party learns that they can not play their games, the cheating etc, Sarah mentiones above, yet still get our votes (meaning that they can’t take us for granted because they just have a LESSER evil), nothing will ever change.
    Why should it under those circumstances?

    So, this agreement is just detrimental because it DOESN’t hurt Romney’s election chances.

    Am I afraid of an OB reelection? Not at all, because it will be no different than a MR presidency, and if anything the chances of another HOT war in the Middle East look greater with MR than OB.
    They both suck, they’re the same breed serving the same master, so all of this dealing prior to the convention is dissappointing.

    As to paving the way for Rand (by getting him the speech slot):
    That apple fell farther from the tree than it should have unfortunately.
    Just look at some of the votes where in the House it was x yeahs and 1 nay. Where was that one nay in the senate? AWOL.

  6. Having stood by Ron Paul all these years, It’s pretty amazing to watch the GOP have to cheat so hard to defeat him, to deny his delegates. The GOP will have to chop off it’s own feet to defeat Ron Paul. No one buys a cheater and they never win. I disagree – Ron Paul IS in it to win it. His supporters sure are fighting for it. With seven state victorys he should be easily be nominated. But with broken bones, cheating, and outright fraud, the GOP is doing everything it can to cut him out of their part. The question is, can they survive without a heart?

    • If the Lawyers For Ron Paul will follow thru with the Voter Fraud LawSuits and the disenfranchised delegates will remain plaintiff’s on the suits … This will be UnPrecedented and will send the real message that Ron Paul was winning the primaries from the start. With the Lawsuit discovery process; RICO data can be compiled and the responsible RepliCruds can be prosecuted for their crimes.

  7. It is not completely accurate that this is ONLY about the message, and not the man.
    One thing that also sets Ron Paul apart is his principled character, and the record he has achieved that show this.

    Something not so easily seen in some of Rand Paul’s voting, as one example.
    So yes to your points above, but the integrity and principles he embodies are part of the man too, not just the message.

  8. In a lifetime of political frustration and despair for our people, I have never known his like (unfortunately, Murray Rothbard was successfully hidden from me until recently).

    Some guy was lamenting the other day that RP lacked “Passion”. WTF??? 40 years of tilting at statist windmills, and the man lacks PASSION??????

    Nice appreciation there, kiddo. I misted a bit, as I am wont to do when RP is the subject.

    A great man. I envy you your acquaintance.