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Kasich Following Obama Policies

Kasich Following Obama Policies
kasich, Obama and Boehner golf together

I wish that headline weren’t true. Unfortunately, it is. Would you imagine these things happened under Kasich or Obama?

1. Spending increasing every year since he took office with future budgets proposing even more.

2. Government picking winners and losers in marketplace with tax payer money.

3. Staff being investigated by FBI for bribes and threats.

4. Proposing new taxes on energy industry just because new shale deposits have been discovered.

5. Opposing the freedom of workers to choose whether they will be forced to pay union dues just to have a job.

6. Not overturning executive orders unionizing new industries.

Every last item is under John Kasich.

For a more in depth look at how Ohio is creating hundreds of Obama-like Solyndra’s, see this article from Fortune Magazine where Kasich’s policies are found to be just like Obama. Article: A Republican governor’s Obama-like plan

Apparently, just like Obama – Kasich is ok with “spreading the wealth around.” Ohio is headed down a very dark path, and I fear for our future.


  1. Try to get a Permit to drill a well in Ohio today. Then come back and tell me how Kasich’s policies are like OBAMA’s. Obama’s EPA is killing all of the small Drillers in Ohio. Kasich’s Tax increase is dumb and it is a nuisance, but it is not Strangling the Drillers like Obama’s EPA.
    We have looked at land in Ohio for the past three months and found that the restrictions are designed to be insurmountable.

    • @roy – Of course I agree Obama stinks and is making the federal stuff harder than ever.

      However, it doesn’t help things that Kasich is proposing an increase of Ohio’s severance tax to 4% on all oil and gas companies in Ohio. That’s a 400% increase from the current tax. Or, if you are one of the 2,500 small businesses who work in oil and gas in Ohio – that’s over half your profits. Totally ridiculous.

      Editorial from Matt Mayer on this issue. Matt is a Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former President of the Buckeye Institute – Ohio’s only free market think tank.

      • Chris, I agree with you and Matt Mayer more than you could possibly expect. I was just pointing out that Obama is so bad that even a “Public-Private Partnership” (i.e. AGENDA 21) supporter like Kasich should not be mentioned in the same sentence. My recent experience with the EPA in Ohio is prompting me to decide if I have time to do a Video Mocumentary of an associate as he applies for the permits to drill a well on his property.