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More Groups Condemn Kasich Tax Increase

More Groups Condemn Kasich Tax Increase

I’ve written on this before, but it just keeps getting bigger and quite possibly more incredible. Yes, John Kasich is still pushing to quadruple the tax on companies in Ohio who “sever” oil and gas from the ground.

Despite the fact that the proposed severance tax increase is the equivalent of a 40% income tax increase on entrepreneurs in these industries, and despite the fact that the money would be used as one of the most predatory wealth redistribution schemes in Ohio history, and despite the fact that it is economically retarded to quadruple taxes on a barely verging industry and think it will have no effect on growth and future investment in that industry – therefore stunting job growth before it begins because these companies have plenty of other states and countries to choose from to do this business…

Despite all that, the Kasich team’s continued justification for increasing these taxes is because it will, “…modernize a 40-year-old tax system for oil companies…” Kasich continues to sell the $20 a person tax rebate plan as the populist justification to spread the wealth around, and therefore embraces class warfare as a tactic for increasing taxes. Well, I and many other groups aren’t buying it.

When we listen to Kasich and others on his staff talk about this tax increase, their primary defense is that it’s OK to take money from one person and give it to another. But, it’s not.

As reported by Ohio Media Trackers, the latest group to condemn the Kasich tax increase proposal is American’s for Tax Reform. They had previously said the tax met the criteria of neutrality for their pledge, but have clarified their position by saying the tax is “not necessarily good public policy.” And further added in a letter to Ohio legislators:

“To that end, there is a group in Ohio asking legislators to pledge to vote against the Kasich plan. It is available at www.ohiotaxpledge.org. …Should you be opposed to the Kasich severance tax plan, ATR fully supports your decision to vote your conscience and sign the no severance tax pledge.”

The same week that Americans for Tax Reform clarified their position and resistance to this tax, Ohio Liberty Coalition (OLC) released their statement on the matter saying of Kasich and the severance tax increase:

“If he wants to cut taxes, he should cut state spending so he can cut taxes. We will encourage our member groups to contact their state senators and house representatives and ask them to oppose the Governor’s proposal.”

I whole heartedly agree. Kudos to Tom Z and OLC for taking the right position on this issue in spite of the pressure Kasich people have putting on organizations and legislators alike for weeks now.

Americans for Tax Reform and the Ohio Liberty Coalition join Americans for Prosperity and National Taxpayers Union in standing against this tax increase.

Please help all of us stop this tax increase by getting your legislator on record by having them sign the “Pledge to Protect Ohio Taxpayers.” It simply states they will not vote for a severance tax increase. They are under tremendous pressure from Kasich to support this legislation. Help them stand strong. Show them you will support them when they pledge to do the right thing.