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2015 Littleton Family Highlights

2015 Littleton Family Highlights

Celebrating our first full year in Tennessee, 2015 was another wonderful year for our family. The kids completed their first full year at Middle Tennessee Christian School respectively entering Pre-K4, 3rd and 5th grade in the Fall.

As you’ll see in the 2015 Family Highlights video below, the sports this year were baseball, football, tennis, basketball and cheerleading. At one point, every kid was in at least one activity AT THE SAME TIME, so we had scheduled activities every day of the week – occasionally with two or three on the same day. Lots of fun…in a “am I going to survive this” kind of way.

Over Spring and Summer breaks we were fortunate enough to travel a bit getting to Navarre Beach, FL for the first time, in addition to a little historical tour of the US for the kids, hitting all the wonderful museums and sites in Washington DC and Philadelphia. While in Philly, we got to catch up with Mem and her crew, who we hadn’t seen in the longest time. Now its your turn to travel, Mem!

Throughout the year it was nice to have visits in Nashville from plenty of family and friends, as well as a little weekend excursion to Bald Head Island, NC to celebrate the Lillback’s anniversary!  And, of course we made a few visits back to Ohio for some pool time at ‘Buela and Popio’s house and general craziness with the cousins at Uncle Josh and Aunt Erin’s. A visit to Ohio is never complete without a tornado of children destroying something in the Kitchen’s basement.

Nene came to town to watch the kids for Chris’ trip to Germany, and ‘Buela was nice to enough to mind the chaos while Chris and Kim enjoyed a weekend with the Petersons. We spent Thanksgiving with the whole Ohio crew in addition to our neighbors, and the weather was so beautiful – we enjoyed the smoked turkey (compliments of Todd Braun) outside. Thanks global warming!

As the year comes to a close, words can never describe how wonderfully blessed our lives really are. Health, family and friends – for what more can any family ask!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Littletons

PS – Of extreme importance going into 2016, let’s remember what Mark Twain taught us, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Words to live by. Words. To. Live. By…

2015 Littleton Family Highlights and Christmas Card