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Obama’s Secret Sauce

Obama’s Secret Sauce

The 2012 election debrief continues, but I found the breakdown from Engage Research on the Obama campaign’s use of data and technology particularly interesting.

Something to look for in this breakdown: rarely do the tools the Obama campaign used pay the equivalent in huge commissions, favors and handouts of traditional campaign methods with almost no metrics for success: mail, media buys, etc.

By contrast, these older methods keep high powered Republican consultant counterparts extremely well paid and all but unaccountable for results and effectiveness. As we have seen too many times, statists are using free market principles and tools to advance anti-freedom ideas. Ironic.

A few interesting pieces of information from the report and Obama campaign:

  • 21% of the $411 million spent on ads for team Obama were digital – meaning not on mail, TV, Radio or Print
  • 404  fundraising e-mails were sent by team Obama in 2012, most of which were finely tuned and message tested for maximum effect by an 18 person team
  • 1 out of every 75  people in the United States (yes, that’s counting every man, woman and child in the population) donated to the Obama campaign – over 4 million people
  • 16 million people were on the Obama e-mail list vs. the 3 million on Romney list

Read the whole report here called: “Inside the Cave: An In Depth Look at the Digital, Technology, and Analytics Operations of Obama for America”

Really fascinating stuff. I’m proud to be working on similar projects for liberty minded causes and people!