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End Forced Union Dues in Ohio

End Forced Union Dues in Ohio

Edited from the Ohioans for Workplace Freedom website:

Earlier this year, Indiana became the 23rd workplace freedom state. Now, Michigan will be embracing workplace freedom – AKA “right to work” – to become the 24th. You can see the Michigan Governor’s video message here.

The time has come for Ohio to join the 24 other states, and become a workplace freedom state as well.

Apart from the simple morality that every worker should be free to choose whether they pay dues to a union or not just to have a job, recent reports from Media Trackers in Ohio confirm what Workplace Freedom has meant to other states with regards to job creation and rising wages.

Two must read articles on the economic impact of workplace freedom here:

Ohio’s Abysmal Job Growth Compared to Workplace Freedom States

Compared to Ohio, Wage Trends Favor Workplace Freedom States

We can’t let Ohio fall behind. We must create freedom of choice in the workplace, and by doing this provide Ohio businesses with more flexibility in the workplace which means more profitable companies, more job growth, increasing wages and more investment in Ohio.

Now is the time to free workers from the shackles of forced union dues. Give Ohio workers freedom of choice.

Please support the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment efforts, and help us bring this issue before voters in 2013 by giving to them today.

Every Ohioan should have freedom of choice on this issue. Let the people decide!